The purpose of our business is to design and create well-crafted products (garments and accessories) crafted and made in the United States to support local individuals and economies. 
While it can be important to maintain positive relationships with other countries, it is more vital to keep Americans working and local economies supported here in our great nation, the United States of America!
American Made, American Pride!
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Our History

The owner of Alford Designs has been a part of the apparel industry in many facets that include: retail, manufacturing,  merchandising, alterations, advertising, marketing. Dr. Alford also has taught for many years at a university.  Some of the courses include;  apparel design and construction, retail merchandising, retail management, consumer behavior, marketing, supply chain management, and other business courses (UG, Graduate, Doctoral levels). 

Dr. Alford earned a B.S. degree in Fashion and in Business Administration; a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) graduating Magna Cum Laude and graduated with a Doctorate of Business Administration with her research about the apparel manufacturing industry in the United States. 

Dissertation title: Competition Among Domestic Apparel Manufacturers. 

Our Expertise:


Decades of business, sewing, designing, manufacturing,  retail, and marketing experience.



Our Commitment:


We believe in quality handcrafted goods that are made in the USA.



Dr. Alford: My Story:


Little did I know when I was in 8th grade that I would fall in love with designing, sewing, and fulfilling a business niche. In middle school, students were required to take "home ec" or shop. My mom forced me to take home ec.  I learned how to sew in home ec, however, I really disliked sewing. (My 8th-grade teacher would most likely be laughing where I am today). However, by my senior year, I found a need for making apparel since college was around the corner and there were formal events at the university I was going to attend. By my senior year, I was almost 6 feet tall, and finding clothing to fit, was very difficult. The high school home ec teacher was gracious enough to teach me while she taught cooking to the rest of the class. I also worked a job, where the folks that ran the alterations department found out I sewed.  They placed me in the alterations department when I learned how to modify ready-made garments. My parents purchased a nice sewing machine and I took it to college. There, I figured out I could make money by altering clothing.


At first, I was a physical education major when I entered college thinking I would attend graduate school to go into sports medicine.  However, my Junior year in college, they added a fashion program, so I switched majors to fashion and business administration. Little did I know that the future would hold combining sports, business, and sewing.  :)

When I first was involved in the competitive sport of trapshooting in the 90s, I found it difficult to find a shooting vest to fit a female body, at the time, most of the competitors were male.  Since I knew how to design and make things, I designed my own shooting vest and from there it was history.  I started designing and making custom shooting vests (mostly for women) however, I also had many requests to make men's custom shooting vests too.  (My unique personality in my favorite shooting vest to the right at one of the state shoots). 

Along my journey, I acquired my concealed carry permit.  I had a difficult time finding an all-leather concealed carry purse I liked, that was fashionable, and at the time, none were made in the USA.  So, I designed and made my own.  People began complimenting the purses that I made.

After praying about whether or not this was a possible avenue for my husband to consider; we decided to set up at a local gun show in 2015.  I sold my first purse and the rest is history regarding our leather concealed carry purses and bags. As the years have passed, we continue to design add new product lines and items to our online shop.

As we began to exhibit our products at different shows including being invited to be a vendor/exhibitor a the NRA Annual Meeting for years, God has continued to bless and grow our business. At the different shows,  I listened to people and continued to evolve and modify our designs and expand our line of concealed carry bags, purses, satchels, and briefcases.  As well as we added accessories that coordinated with our products.  In addition, I use and test all the products we design and manufacture.

The great thing is, that not only do our products attract female and male concealed carry owners, but our products also appeal to individuals who love our items as regular purses, bags, satchels, and briefcases.  We design and manufacture all our products in-house, thereby we have the ability to customize and sell to both markets. 

God has blessed our lives and business over the years and we are grateful to customers who love and purchase our products.

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