Check out our new line of leather (patent pending) cut-resistant crossbody straps. Available in many different lengths and available in 1", 1.5", and 2".  
**I have a very limited supply of pink leather**

*The last two images are how the item will look like a 1" and the last image is an example of how the item will look like a 2" except the leather pattern*

Pink floral Swirl with very Dark Brown/Black with metallic tipping Embossed leather cut-resistant crossbody strap or camera strap - made with 2 pieces of leather and Aramid cloth or otherwise known as Kevlar ® in between the two pieces of leather for added security. This one is pictured with Antique gold-colored hardware and rivets.  (small clasp)

*Please note that the reverse side of the strap is solid color for all widths.  I have used a black solid leather on the back, however, if you want a brown solid leather - leave a note with the info about the hardware in the comments.  :) 

1. Choose your width
2. Choose your length
3. Choose your hardware - Please leave a comment in the order for the hardware. If no hardware is chosen, then the item will be made with the hardware in the photo.  :) 

***The strap length includes the hardware***The measurement is the tip end of the hardware to the other end of the tip of the hardware. ****

If you have questions please email prior to placing your order.  
*Please note that each item is hand-cut and made and thereby each may differ slightly from the photo* 
For this pattern,  the texture will vary, some larger, some smaller based on the hide and where the strap is cut! If you have questions,  please email before placing your order. 

Happy Shopping. :)

Pink Floral Embossed Leather Cut-Resistant Crossbody Strap / Camera Strap / cr